WeBWorK Practice Exams

There are practice exams in the Webwork Homework Server. These exams are for practice only, they do not contribute to the student grade

There is one practice exam for each chapter of the lecture notes covered in our course. Practice exams appear at the end of the list of homework sets. The practice exams can be taken up to 10 times during the semester. A new practice exam can be opened only after the previous one ends.

The practice exams have one problem for each section in the chapter covered by the pracitce exam. The exam duration is ten minutes times the number of exam problems. The number of grading attemps is twice the number of problems plus one. So, a practice exam with 6 problems is 60 minutes long and has 13 grading attempts. A practice exam with 2 problems is 20 minutes long and has 5 grading attempts.

When you grade both your practice and real exams, as well as quizzes, you will see what problems are correct and what problems are not correct. Use that information to find errors while doing the exams.

Your grade will appear at the end of the exam only. The grades for all your pratice exams also appear at the bottom of the list of homeworks.

Finally, recall that the actual exams are on the Webwork Exam Server, not on the Webwork Homework Server. Please be sure you can log in in the Exam Server, so we avoid technical difficulties on the exam days.

There are two practice final exams. Each exam has 15 questions, is 120 minutes long, and you have 31 grading attempts. Each practice final exam can be taken up to 10 times. The first practice final exam covers mostly even numbered sections, the second practice final exam covers mostly odd numbered sections. You need to take both practice final exams to review all sections.