We use Webwork to provide the Homework problems for our course. Webwork is an online homework system. You can find your Homework in the Webwork link in the tab above.

Homework Using Webwork

  • Completing the assigned homework is vital to your understanding of the subject material. You should make every effort to complete the homework assignments and seek help with problems you have not been able to solve.
  • Homework problems are similar to the problems in the course textbook. It is important that students complete the first homework assignment, Webwork Tutorial, where one can learn how to enter answers, handle mathematical symbols, simplify complicated expressions in Webwork. This assignment counts toward your total Homework Grade.
  • Check the schedule for tentative homework assignment due dates; note however that the most up-to-date due date will always be given on the assignment itself on the Webwork server. Prior to the due date students can try multiple times to solve each homework problem, getting immediate feedback as to whether the answer is correct or incorrect. See each homework set for the maximum number of attempts allowed. Note that clicking on the Submit Answers button at the bottom of a problem counts as an attempt, so make sure you first click on the Preview Answers button to check whether you have entered your answer in the way that you intended. Answers to homework assignments are available shortly after the due dates.
  • There is a Show Me Another button that is activated after the student hits Submit Answers for the first time. By clicking in the Show Me Another button the student gets a new version of the homework problem that we call a practice problem. This practice problem has different problem constants than the original problem, and it can be solved using unlimited number of attempts. Solving a practice problem does not count toward your homework grade. Students can use the practice problem to understand how to solve such type of problems. Then the student goes back to the original homework problem and can solve it using a similar calculation as in the practice problem. The Show Me Another button can be used up to five times, to generate five different copies of the original homework problem.

Homework Grade

Add all your homework problem grades from all homework sets. Divide that by the maximum number of points from all the homework sets. Multiply the result by 100. This is your Homework Grade.

Policy For Missing a Required WebWork Assignment

  • No make-ups will be given for any WeBWorK assignments.
  • No WeBWorK assignments will be dropped.
  • It is your responsibility to complete assignments as early as possible to avoid potential incidents.
  • In extreme situations such as: university sanctioned event, religious holidays, military obligation, or late add WeBWorK due dates may be extended. This is at the discretion of the instructor.

Webwork Fee

  • Due Date: Monday 02/03/2020 at 10:00am.
  • Webwork can be used without paying the fee until the Webwork Fee Due Date.
  • If you pay the Webwork fee and later you drop the class, the fee is not refundable.
  • If you are yet not sure whether you stay or drop the class, use Webwork till close to the Webwork Fee Due Date without paying the fee.
  • Pay the Webwork fee when you are sure you stay in the class. Try to make this decision by the Webwork Fee Due Date, to minimize the risk that unforeseen circumstances could force you to past the Webwork Fee Due Date and being dropped from Webwork.