MTH 235 Online Instruction

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, Math 235 is transitioning to virtual instruction.  Here is some initial information.   If you have additional questions, do not hesitate to ask them on the course Piazza forum.

  • Where can I find information about MTH 235 during the shutdown?
    • Here. Our course website,, will be the one-stop-shop of all information concerning MTH 235 during the COVID-19 response.
  • Will Webwork continue?
    • Yes. You are still be expected to submit homework assignments via Webwork. Check the Webwork site for your class for possible Homework due date extensions.
  • How can I get homework and other questions answered?
    • If you have not signed-up for Piazza: we highly encourage you to do so.  If you don’t have a Piazza account you may create one. Use your MSU e-mail address (necessary to get access to the course forum).
  • Will we have Quizzes and Exams? 
    • The university is requiring virtual instruction at least until April 20. Therefore the Recitation Quizzes and Recitation Labs and the second Midterm Exam will be held online using Webwork. Please expect further instructions both by email and announced on this website.
  • How about Labs?
    • You will submit your answer to Labs using Webwork. We are working how to set this up. We are going to ask each student to submit individual responses to the Labs. You are however free to collaborate; in particular, feel free to ask about Lab stuff on Piazza. We will also extend the due dates so that you have approximately 2 days to work on each Lab. More detailed instructions to come.
  • How about Recitation Quizzes?
    • Recitation Quizzes will change, they will be taken in Webwork and the will be graded by Webwork. The Recitation Quizzes, now taken in Webwork, will be 20 minutes long, can be graded only twice, and can be taken only once during the two days they remain open.
    • One of the ideas behind Recitation Quizzes was to prepare students for the midterm and final exams, which were written exams graded by the TAs. But now, our second midterm and final exam will be taken in and graded by Webwork. So it makes sense to prepare students for such exams. That is why we switch our Recitation Quizzes from being graded by TAs to be graded by Webwork.
  • Lecture resources?
    • We are preparing videos for each of the lectures from March 11 till the end of the semester. Please look for links to course lecture videos on the homepage of this website.
  • Will there be office hours/recitations?
    • Your TAs will hold recitations via Zoom during your regular recitation hours. Recitations will be a mix of worked examples and open Q+A. Your TAs will also hold their regular office hours via Zoom. More details will be posted on this website when available.
  • How do I use Zoom?
  • How do I contact my TA via Zoom?
    • All the TA Zoom IDs will be posted in this course website, in the People and Places table, that you can find in the Syllabus tab at the top of this page.
  • What about the Deep Dives for the Honors Section?
    • The plan is to use webwork to get your answers. But we are still working on that.
  • Will there be MLC?
    • Online MLC will be open on March 16. Go to the MLC Page and look for our class, mth 235, for more details.
  • What about the Final Exam?
    • President Stanley’s email from March 14 confirms that the online instruction will continue until the end of the semester, including final exams. Therefore, our final exam will be online.  We will provide you with further information when it is available.