How to Study for an Exam

    • Print a hard copy of the fill-in-the-blank lecture notes and bring those to lecture or if you have a tablet, save a pdf to your device and take notes using your tablet.
    • Print a hard copy of all your homework with answers.
      • Webwork servers are usually under heavy usage load before exams. The server may slow down of crash. Have your homework in paper just in case this happens.
    • If possible, study in a group of 2 or 3 people.
      • Explain your work to the other group members. Sometimes, when you have to explain something is when you realize that you did not fully understand it.
      • If you like to study alone, that’s fine too. But still try to explain what you learned to a friend in the class.
    • When and where to start?
      • I would start a week before the exam, and I would take a practice exam.
      • I would take the practice exam seriously, as a real exam.
      • I would identify the problems I could not do or finish, and go to the homework and see how I solved them.
      • I would use the option Show Me Another to solve a new problem similar to the ones I could not solve in the practice exam.
      • Once I know how to do all the problems in the practice exam, I would take another practice exam. And so on.
      • I would take at least five practice exams.
      • I would go to the MLC to discuss problems or concepts I do not understand.
      • Recall that anytime you get help with a problem you need to go back 24 hours later and do that problem again on your own. It is important that when you receive help on a problem that you make sure that you really understand how it’s done and can replicate the process on your own.
    • When to stop?
      • I would have at least 8 hours sleep the night before the exam.