Rules for In-Class Webwork Exams

No In-Class Webwork Exams are planned for this Semester. But, in case that there were an In-Class Webwork exam, here are the rules to take such exam.

Before the Webwork Exam starts:

  • Please turn off cell phones and any other computer devices.
  • Put your cell phone in your bag, not in your pocket.
  • No notes of any type, no books, no calculators are allowed.
  • Check your desk for any writing on the actual desk. If your desk is not clean, call your TA to check it.
  • When your desk is clear, you will get a handout from your TA to work on the exam problems.
  • Do not write on the desk itself. Any writing should be in the handout given to you by your TA.
  • Write your Name, PID, Section, and Computer Number on the handout.
  • No talking is allowed during the exam.
  • Students should look at their own computer screens during the exam.
  • When you finish your exam give the handout back to your TA.

Starting the Secure Browser

  • Press Ctrl+Alt+Del.
  • Do Not use your personal account.
  • Login in the account: ITS.math_exams
  • Password: 235Testing
  • Start the SEB (Safe Exam Browser)
  • Wait till you see the Webwork Exam Server page.
  • Click on your course section.
  • Log in with your MSU netid and password.
  • To refresh the page click on the Homework Sets Tab.
  • Wat until your instructor says you can start the exam.

The Webwork Quiz and Exam Grades:

  • The recorded grade for quizzes/exams are displayed after they end.
  • After you finish your quiz/exam you can check the Webwork portion of your grade by clicking on your course name link, on the upper-left corner of your quiz/exam page.
  • Your quiz/exam grade is in the folder of Previously Takes Timed Sets.

Ending the Webwork Exam:

  • When you have finished the exam, you need to quit the SEB (safe Exam Browser).
  • To quit the SEB: click on the lower-right corner. 
  • Password to quit SEB: mth235exam.
  • Then logout from the computer account.
  • Then give your exam handout to your TA.
  • In case of any problem, contact your TA.

Information for Students with Special Needs and RCPD Visas:

  • Students with special needs must be registered at RCPD, office 120, Bessey Hall. Students should plan on turning in a VISA (Verified Individualized Services Accommodations) to their instructor at least a week prior to an assignment (quiz/exam) to be eligible for extended time on that assignment. Extended time exams will be taken in C125 Wells Hall on Thursdays at 4:00pm or on Fridays at 3:00pm during the same week as the regular exam. Students need to sign up for one of those two options with their instructor. If you are an RCPD student who wishes to take the extended time exam please contact your instructor immediately as they need to register you with the department so that we can make enough copies of the exam and ensure that we have enough seats. Please arrive 5 minutes early with your Student ID and a copy of your VISA to be double checked. Students with additional accommodations (such as reader/scribe/separate testing) should make arrangements to take the exam at the RCPD offices and notify their instructor as soon as possible.
  • Extended time paper Feedback quizzes can be taken in class for the approved extended time, if this does not interfere with the student’s and TA’s schedule. Otherwise, these quizzes can be taken in C125 Wells Hall during the same week as the regular quiz on Thursdays at 4:00pm or on Fridays at 3:00pm.
  • Webwork quizzes will be set for the approved extended time, provided the student has turned in their VISA at least a week prior to the given quiz.